Packaging with Purpose: Endangered Essentials' Commitment to Sustainable Solutions

At Endangered Essentials, sustainability is at the core of our operations, particularly in our packaging choices.

We've made a conscious decision to use post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic for 90-100% of our in-house manufactured apparel Essentials packaging. PCR plastic, made from everyday recycled items like plastic bottles and food containers, is our primary packaging material. This choice aligns with our environmental goals by conserving raw materials and reducing energy consumption during production.

Our packaging strategy is tailored to each Essential type:

  1. Tees, tanks, sweatshirts, hoodies, tote bags, pillows, and blankets: Packaged in PCR polymer mailers. Multiple Essentials are individually wrapped in transparent polymer bags before being placed together in a PCR polymer mailer.
  1. Larger Essentials and multi-item shipments: Usually packaged in cardboard boxes.
  1. Dad hats: Packaged in corrugated cardboard boxes.
  1. Notebooks: Shipped in flat paper mailers.
  1. Mugs: Protected by a combination of paper and cardboard boxes.

Depending on local supply availability, our packaging may be made of recycled, partially recycled, or virgin materials. When necessary, we use clear mailers, tissue paper, foam pouches, or bubble wrap to protect products from damage.

While we strive for sustainability, we acknowledge that completely eliminating plastic packaging isn't immediately feasible. However, we remain committed to exploring new innovations that balance environmental stewardship with operational practicality.

Our choice of PCR plastic packaging demonstrates our dedication to sustainable innovation and operational excellence. It not only meets the expectations of our environmentally-conscious customers but also contributes to global efforts in waste reduction and resource conservation.

As we navigate the complexities of sustainable packaging, we continue to uphold the highest standards of environmental responsibility while delivering exceptional Essentials to our valued customers. Our journey towards sustainability is marked by incremental improvements and a steadfast commitment to responsible packaging practices.

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